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Had We But World Enough And Time- Misfits fic; Simon/Nathan, NC-17

Title: Had We But World Enough And Time
Author: Kuroshokora
Word Count: 4274
Pairing: Nathan/Simon (Future!Nathan/Present!Simon, Future!Nathan/Future!Simon)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Future!Nathan returns to the past to pay Simon a visit.


Kelly leaned close to the mirror, scraping her loose hair back into a tight ponytail with one hand and stretching the tie around it with a snap. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, her gold chain bracelet clanking against her necklace, before spotting a face staring in the mirror behind her and spinning round to stare at the figure in the entrance of the locker room, one hand pressed to her chest, heart thumping from shock.

“Jesus Chrahst,” she said loudly, shaking her head “You twat, Nathan! I though’ you was aht?”

She’d thought she was alone in the centre, that was why she’d jumped half out of her skin. He froze, meeting her eyes for just a moment, before she heard a clear “oh, fuck, not good!” from his mind, and he turned and bolted. She frowned after him, but shrugged, turning back to the mirror. She guessed that he could do with being alone after what had happened to his brother. That he had looked any different had barely occurred to her, at least not since she wasn’t looking out for it. He’d seemed fine when she saw him when she got in, and that was all that mattered. Yeah, so maybe she had turned up a bit early to check that he was alright, like, but he’d been a total dick to her, so she wasn’t going to bother.

That hadn’t gone to plan at all, seeing her. Nathan wasn’t a fool and he knew that he wasn’t totally supposed to be here. Kelly reading his mind and finding out exactly what was going on was not part of the plan. Not that Nathan really went with the whole plan deal. That was Simon’s element, what with the crazy clocks and all that superhero shit. Nathan didn’t give a toss about being a hero, but he figured he had to do what he had to, and what made life easy for himself was usually worth doing. Only problem was, he didn’t have a clue where the hooded bastard had got to.

Well, hey there sexy. He ducked hurriedly behind a car as he spotted himself, complete in orange jumpsuit, sauntering along the pavement back towards the community centre with a cigarette dangling from his lips. It made him ache for a smoke himself, and he dug in his pockets, careful to stay out of sight. Look at him, being all sensible. Simon would be proud; least, when he found him, he would be.

“What are you doing.”

He nearly jumped right out of his skin at that muted, oh so familiar and yet oddly disembodied voice. Simon, the younger version, the orange-suited one, appeared in mid-air, eyes narrowed. Nathan opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, feeling like he’d probably fucked up, and wondering how the hell his Simon has stayed out of sight from these meddlin’ kids for so long.

“Barry!” he said brightly, with a grin and a little wave, propping his back up against the side of the car in what he hoped was a fairly casual way.

It probably would have worked, except for the fact that other-Nathan, the less good looking kiddy version, was leaning against the front door to the community centre in plain sight, drawing on his cigarette. Nathan closed his eyes and cursed coarsely, aware that Simon was staring between the two Nathans in muted surprise.

Because the Nathan in front of him didn’t look all that much like the real one. He had the same cocky grin, yeah, the same tone of voice and the same swagger, leaning against the car with one thumb tucked in his belt loops. But his hair, still a messy mop of curls, was longer, and although he was still a skinny sod, he was less teenage gangly limbs and a little more muscle, as though he’d been forced to run a long way, and often, instead of staying sprawled out on his mattress in the community centre eating crap from the vending machine. He didn’t seem to have aged at all, but somehow he looked older, and Simon forgot not to stare as he scoured his body with his eyes. Nathan, for his part, preened in the attention.

“Lucy?” Simon questioned softly, apparently doing his best to work out which was the real one, and not doing very well.

“Fuck off,” Nathan snorted “Do I look like your mousey girlfriend? There’s only one Nathan Young, baby.”

Simon glanced pointedly at the other him, who was just disappearing through the doors. Before looking back at him. And was about to point out that of course he didn’t look like her, since that was the point of a shape shifter. Even ignoring the fact that there was clearly two of them in close proximity.

“Same thing.” Nathan dismissed “Look, it’s all some fucked up shit, man, and you’re better off not thinking about it. Basically…” and he stopped to pause, dramatically “I’m from the future.”

“Okay.” Simon accepted, a little too easily, Nathan thought, pushing his hands in his pockets, his eyes still on Nathan’s leather jacket, and the hoodie he was wearing underneath, wondering… “Have you come back to stop something from happening? Something bad?”

Nathan held his hands up and shook his head with a laugh: “Do I look like the kind of prick who bounces off buildings and saves gorgeous immortals from the clutches of Virtue Virgins? Though if you’ve seen that prick around, I kind of need a chat with him. Nothing big, end of the world kinda stuff, and he seems to like stalking you lot of sad lonely bastards so I thought I’d stop off, catch up…”

“You know the Superhoodie?”

“If I told you…” Nathan murmured, leaning in close “I’d have to kill you.”

Eyes bulging slightly, Simon swallowed as Nathan stared fixedly at him, with just a hint of a predatory smirk. Usually, at this point, Nathan would laugh at him and back off after he‘d sufficiently embarrassed him, but he realised that this Nathan was a little bit different. Maybe he spoke the same and looked mostly the same, but there was a hint of something darker, a little more dangerous, that made Simon feel just a bit scared, and made him wonder whether Nathan really had just come from the end of the world. Because it seemed to him like nothing less could cause Nathan to take anything seriously.

“I’ve got places to be, and you’ve got graffiti to scrub,” Nathan said quietly, and grinned, pecking Simon lightly on the lips “See ya around, Princess.”

As Simon froze in place, stepping quickly away from him, the future version of Nathan pulled his hood up over his head, jumped on top of the car and leapt agilely to grip a drainpipe, swinging onto a windowsill as though he’d been climbing up buildings all his life. Something clicked in Simon’s mind as he watched, hand slipping into his pocket for his phone to video it, but stopping himself. If Nathan was telling the truth that he wasn’t the mysterious figure who had been following them, then maybe the Superhoodie was still somebody from the future who had come back to look out for them.

He found himself even more quiet and withdrawn than usual when they were doing the day’s service, silently scrubbing at the same patch of wall with a blank stare over at where Nathan was trying to wring a sponge over Kelly’s head, while she whacked at him with both hands. Nathan caught him watching him as he wandered over to the bucket of water and flipped him a v sign, raising both eyebrows.

“The fuck you staring at?” he teased with a grin, hands on hips “Freak!”

Simon shook his head wordlessly and turned away quickly to scrub at the wall with more vigour. He couldn’t tell him that a future version of him was running around the estate. For all he knew, that could cause some kind of damage to their future. But he couldn’t help feeling that one of those small differences between the two versions of Nathan was that the future version almost seemed to like him. The idea that they would all remain friends after their community service had been one that he’d thought about quite a bit, a little wistfully maybe. But he’d always thought that they should do something more important with their powers than they did, and he liked to think that in the future, maybe they did.

He had collected footage on his phone, enough videos of the Superhoodie for him to spend hours trawling through, watching over and over again, in case there was something that he’d missed. The masked figure leaping and somersaulting, free running; he wasn’t sure if Nathan, even the new Nathan, was capable of all that. But none of them were normal, anymore, were they?

A loud noise at the window made him turn, abruptly, his hands on the top of the laptop as though to slam it shut, though he wasn’t entirely sure why he should need to protect the footage. Nathan- the future one, that is- was peering through his bedroom window, apparently balanced on the sill. Simon hesitated a moment, carefully closed his laptop, and then moved to unclasp the window and push it open. Nathan gripped the top and lifted himself up to slide through the gap, nearly sending a stack of DVDs flying when he landed, and Simon closed it behind him. He folded his arms and turned, as Nathan shrugged out of his leather jacket and slung it casually on the back of Simon’s chair, pulling the hood down to rumple his curls with both hands.

“Hello,” Simon said cautiously, straightening his collar.

Nathan kicked off his boots and sprawled back on Simon’s bed, making himself at home, as though he’d been in here a hundred times before. For a moment, Simon just watched him, before curiosity got the better of him.

“Why are you here? Did you find him?”

“I needed a bed for the night,” Nathan lied, with a winning smile; he knew his Simon would have provided one of those without question.

But, hey, he didn’t want to pass up a perfect opportunity. Nathan was a man of opportunity. He lit a cigarette and watched with amusement as Simon watched him in silence. The Simon from his time would have snatched it out of his mouth. He’d kind of forgotten what twitchy virgin Simon was like.

“In the future,” Simon said slowly, watching Nathan blow a column of smoke “Is it really bad?”

“You’re so bloody serious. These are the best days of your life, Barry! You should be going out, having fun, getting wasted! Using your power to perv on girls!”

“I’m not a pervert.”

Nathan grinned, clenching the cigarette between his teeth and curving his fingers into a ‘w’, whatever, sign. Aware that he was still just standing there and watching him, Simon moved silently forwards, wary, before Nathan reached out to circle his wrist lazily and tugged him to sit down. He had planned to ask about Superhoodie, and demand an answer, but Nathan’s disarming cool and collected expression made him pause. Then, Nathan sat up, and stubbed the cigarette out against an empty DVD box by the side of the bed, blowing out the smoke in Simon’s face. Simon coughed, and glanced down, just as Nathan caught his chin and forced it up, crushing his lips to his.

There was a brief moment where Simon thought that he was being messed around with; that had been what he’d dismissed the brief kiss early as, but as his lips relaxed and parted in shock and Nathan eagerly pushed his tongue into Simon’s mouth, he realised that there was something more to this. He didn’t kiss back straight away, barely able to, actually, since Nathan was kissing him with such enthusiasm that Simon’s mouth was forced open with the other’s lips and teeth, his tongue filling Simon’s mouth, and licking over his palate and teeth, tasting of cigarettes and sweets.

Slowly, Simon brushed his tongue tentatively against his, surprised by the flicker of desire coiling in his stomach at the wet slide of their mouths merging. It took a moment to catch up with Nathan, especially since he wasn’t even attempting to encourage Simon into matching him, busy in plundering his mouth rapidly, and a little aggressively. But Simon was stubborn if nothing else, and snaked his tongue firmly around Nathan’s, hanging on for dear life while the older version of his sort-of friend tongue fucked his mouth. In response, Nathan seized his shirt and dragged him closer, pulling back from him with a last, slow suck of his bottom lip. He gazed over him, rubbing a thumb across the side of his nose, enjoying the pink flush staining Simon’s pale skin, and the intense, slightly creepy way he was staring at him.

“Do we do this a lot in the future?” Simon asked, after a moment, aware that he should probably say something.

“Couldn’t keep you away, you horny beast!” Nathan grinned, and pushed Simon down on the bed.

He didn’t resist, but didn’t move either, just lying there and watching Nathan slide sinuously on top of him. There was a second where he felt a little indignant that Nathan just assumed that he would want to do this, with him, but that was dismissed almost instantly by the feeling of flattery, that Nathan wanted him in the first place. Besides, if they were doing this in the future, it was obvious that Simon wanted it. Perhaps that they’d always wanted it.

Nathan grinned, pulling his t-shirt up over his head before starting to undo Simon’s shirt, not particularly gently, one hand sliding down his stomach to his waistband, undoing his trousers with eager fingers. Tensing, Simon swallowed back his nerves, opening the last couple of buttons on his shirt and slipping it from his shoulders, just as Nathan yanked his trousers and boxers to mid-thigh and fixed his gaze on the thick, familiar cock that twitched in his hand when he stroked it.

Simon made a soft choked whimper when Nathan pressed his thumb to his balls, and then squeezed them more tightly, pressing kisses to his neck. He ran his fingers over Nathan’s arms, his fingers shaking just a little, clutching at his shoulders as Nathan wrapped his fingers around his shaft and pumping it hard. Somewhere through the paralysing fog of lust, Simon managed to kick off his trousers and slowly parted his legs as Nathan wriggled insistently between them, kissing his chest, and dragging his tongue over one nipple, sucking loudly on it, just the way he knew Simon liked it. Simon was making those breathy little whimpers that made Nathan unbelievably horny, as he tightened his fist around his leaking cock and moved his hand up and down with more than a little enthusiasm.

It didn’t take long to push Simon over the edge, not when usually it was his own fist he was coming into, and the friction of hot skin and the feeling of Nathan’s tongue and teeth was enough to make him come undone. With a gasp like he was drowning, Simon threw his head back, trembling violently with a drawn out whine of pleasure, feeling for a moment as though he was going to shudder all the way into invisibility. Only after he’d finished shaking did he realise just how tightly he was gripping onto Nathan, and he released him apologetically.

“I know,” Nathan murmured smugly, nuzzling his lips up his neck and nipping his ear lightly “Mind blowing.”

Still a little fuzzy from his orgasm, Simon couldn’t think of anything to say, so he kissed Nathan instead, managing to keep the upper hand for long enough to slip his own tongue into his mouth. He felt Nathan laugh into his mouth, his fingers trailing up the sensitized skin of his inner thigh, fingers slick with Simon’s semen. Feeling slightly more self assured after that icebreaker, Simon ran his fingers down to Nathan’s hips, tracing the stars tattooed on his skin with his thumb tip and marvelling at the way Nathan responded by bucking his pelvis towards him and groaning.

“I’m going to fuck your virgin arse until you come so hard your brains shoot out of your cock,” Nathan informed him cheerily, waggling his eyebrows at him, and smoothing a come-covered fingertip over Simon’s entrance to show that it wasn’t just an idle threat.

Simon’s body tensed slightly at the feeling, admittedly nervous at the idea, even when he reminded himself that this Nathan was from their future and he had to hope that he knew what he was doing by now, if this really was a regular thing for them. Where did that leave them, then? Were they friends with benefits… fuck buddies? He couldn’t imagine being Nathan’s boyfriend but this was an entire future he couldn’t imagine.

The soft pop of a cap and the feeling of a cold liquid trickling over his anus and between his thighs told him that Nathan had brought some kind of lubricant. His thoughts were still racing with possibilities, mainly from sci fi and comic books, like whether he could possibly have lost his virginity like this in the past when Nathan came from a future when they were already in a relationship, and how exactly all of that worked anyway, because he was sure that couldn’t make any real sense, but he supposed that he didn’t really mind. The feeling of somebody else’s hands on him, all over him, especially hands that knew him and what he liked and what he wanted, things that he hadn’t even figured out for himself yet… it was wonderful. But it wasn’t exactly something he could mention in passing to the version of Nathan who was currently in the community centre.

One finger, smeared in Simon’s come and lube, pushed into the tight ring of muscle which Simon was doing his best to relax. He sucked in a sharp breath when Nathan pushed a whole finger in, all at once, and hoped that it would stop hurting soon. It was a little reassuring to think that this is all in the past, for Nathan, so another Simon in the future must like this, and Nathan must understand how to make that work for him. Otherwise, without that reassurance, he wasn’t sure that he’d be able to take it; he’d never thought that this would be something that he would like. Masturbation was one thing, but anal sex was a whole area of his sexuality he hadn’t known whether or not he would like. He would have to take Nathan’s word for it that he did and hope that it got better-- ow. Nathan pushed in another finger and although he had added enough lubricant to meet with little resistance, it still hurt.

Simon glanced up at Nathan, who grinned, kneeling between his legs and arching his back, slowly moving the paired fingers in and out of him. The bulge in Nathan’s jeans was obvious, and Simon thought about touching it, almost bringing himself to when Nathan paused, leaning in to say in a stage whisper: “this is where the magic happens”.

Then he crooked his fingers inside him, and it was as though his whole body crackled with static, pushing automatically against the fingers for more, sliding his hands up to grip into the long curls at the nape of Nathan’s neck and gasping for breath. Nathan laughed, but not nastily, just a bit smug, in a ‘look what I can make the weird kid do’ sort of way. Then he did it again, and Simon decided that he did like this after all.

“I think,” he said, surprised at the deep, raspy tone of his own voice “I want another finger now.”

“You’ve always been a demanding little bitch,” Nathan cooed, but obliged, his eyes glittering wickedly as he thrust three fingers into Simon, watching him clench his eyes shut and groan, planting his heels against the mattress to give more room.

He could feel his cock swelling again against his thigh, and was dimly astonished by the fact; usually, he didn’t get aroused again after masturbating and definitely not so soon, and he definitely didn’t think about men when he did it. Maybe that had been the problem, maybe he had been doing it wrong.

All of a sudden, though, just as he could feel himself longing for more, Nathan slid his fingers from him and knelt upright, pushing down his jeans as quickly as he could, and his underwear with them, groaning as he dragged the material over his fully erect and leaking cock. Simon watched him in silence, his expression almost blank, if it wasn’t for the dark lust in his eyes and the red flush over his cheeks, and he reached up to wrap his arms around Nathan and pull him back down.

Hurriedly, Nathan squeezed a glob of lubricant onto his palm and slicked himself up in two rapid strokes, before angling his hips into position. Their eyes locked, just for a moment, before Nathan pushed into him, slowly but fully. Simon let out a small sob of pain mixed with need as the head breached him, and groaned softly when the shaft slid smoothly after, filling him. He lifted his hips, pulling his knees up so far they almost touched his chest, keeping them spread far enough to give Nathan plenty of room.

Simon had expected it to be fast and hard, and in that way he wasn’t disappointed, but he still felt enormously grateful for the fact that Nathan at least started off slow before judging that Simon could take it and speeding up the pace. The idea that Nathan cared about him enough to put aside the primary desire to come, no matter how far in the future, was enough to make a warm feeling flutter in his chest that had nothing to do with the sex. All he’d ever wanted, after all, was for the others to like him, so that they could be friends. But now, with Nathan’s cock driving into him with blissful rapidity, he imagined that being more than friends would be much, much better.

Nathan had braced himself up on his elbows for leverage, but Simon curled his arms around his neck and pulled him closer, and they ended up pressed together as their hips rocked hard together in tandem. Simon was making soft, sexy almost-whimpers, probably not even aware that he was doing it, and Nathan didn’t bother to hold back his moans at the tight heat encasing him, occasionally muttering odd phrases or words: “so hot”, “so tight,” and Simon even thought he heard “mine” at one point, but he was at that point so far gone that his mind barely registered the noise, just holding onto Nathan and feeling so close to coming again, his body twitching uncontrollably at each thrust.

But with a groan of what sounded suspiciously like: “fuck me Jesus Simon baby yes”, Nathan slammed his hips forwards to bury himself deep, his balls slapping against Simon’s skin as he came hard. The movement hit Simon’s prostate dead on, and he cried out, a loud drawn out noise of ecstasy, as he followed Nathan swiftly into another glorious orgasm.

After that, Simon felt almost incapable of movement, lying back in the paralysing afterglow with Nathan draped over him. This, probably would be the time to think things through with more clarity, and he would have asked Nathan more if it wasn’t for the fact that Nathan had merely pulled himself out and thrown a leg over Simon’s waist before going to sleep. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to complain. He felt, for the first time in months, happy and cared for and human.

When he woke up, Nathan was gone; his clothes were gone and the window was open. Simon sat up slowly, feeling momentarily bereft, before realising that he still had all of his future left to come. He finally had something to look forward to.


“Honey, I’m home!”

Simon turned from the display of clocks to raise a silent eyebrow as his lover sauntered through the door, grinning, his jacket tossed carelessly over one shoulder. As Nathan neared him, he reached out to catch the other man around the waist and pulled him close, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“Did you think I’d be jealous?” he inquired, as Nathan wriggled around in his arms to kiss him.

“This isn’t about you, Barry. It was an act of charity.” he murmured against Simon’s lips, sliding his hands down to grasp handfuls of his hard muscled arse.

“Did you tell him you came all this way because you were horny and bored?” Simon inquired, just about managing to ignore Nathan’s questing fingers, but wrapping both arms around his waist to press him in close.

“Nah,” Nathan smirked “Told him it was the end of the world or something. Space time emergency.”

“You’re impossible,” Simon informed him, deadpan, even as he started to pull him back towards the bed.

“Just admit you missed me. I know you’re bored and horny too, you sexy weirdo superman.”

With a small glint in his eye, Simon nodded slightly, before silencing Nathan with a kiss and rolling them both over to start again, in their future, where everything was different, but so little had changed.


Love this!!!

Awesome,I lived it!

Lol, of course I meant loved but I'm sure you got that :)

Thank you so much! It was fun working out future!Nathan's character; I wanted to make him more grown up but still not all that mature. Good that you liked him.

Freaking amazing! Absolutely loved it. :D